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How To Create The Perfect Sleep Environment

How well do you sleep at night? Your bedroom, or sleep environment, has a direct impact on the quality of sleep you will get at night. With the average person spending a little more than a third of his/her life asleep, you want your sleep environment to not only be comfortable but peaceful as well.

Create The Perfect Sleep Environment

Outlined below are a few tips and tricks on creating the perfect sleep environment for you and your loved ones.

1. Invest In A Good Quality Mattress And Pillows

The mattress plays a vital role in how comfortable and relaxing your sleep will be. That said, you want to invest in the best quality mattress you can afford. A good mattress should provide adequate support for your body weight and size.

Read these Walmart mattress reviews and find the best mattress for you. Be sure to couple this with a good pillow for extra support and help keep your body and back correctly aligned.

2. Go For Quality Beddings

Quality beddings will help keep you cool/warm, depending on the weather. They also need to be comfortable and soft to the touch as well. High fiber count beddings are your best bet for this.

3. Limit Light Exposure

Your bedroom needs to be as dark as possible while you sleep. You thus want to limit how much light gets into your bedroom, particularly at night. Consider investing in blackout curtains/shades or a sleep mask for this purpose.

4. Keep It As Quiet As Possible

Unnecessary sounds and noises can be quite disruptive when you want to grab the much-needed sleep. Blocking abrasive noises either using a white noise machine or earplugs might, however, do the trick.

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These will especially come in handy if you live in a noisy neighborhood.

5. Set Bedroom Temperature 5 Degrees Lower

Sleep experts recommend setting the temperature in the bedroom a little lower than room temperature. The relatively low temperature allows the body to slow down, allowing you to drift to sleep. Consider setting the thermostat at 65 degrees for the best results.

6. Consider Aromatherapy

Introducing fresh but mild fragrances, such as lavender, might help set the mood for sleep as well. Some of these scents trigger an increased release/production of sleep hormones that help the mind relax a bit faster, promoting sleep. The fresh smell of these fragrances is soothing too.

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Hoping you will utilize these tricks to get the perfect sleep which will boost your productivity & confidence in life. If there is anything you would like to share, remember to comment below.

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