Are you still thinking How to Plan a Family Vacation on a Budget? Don't worry we are sharing 10 Tips to plan a budget friendly family vacation. Follow these travel tips and experience the best family vacations on a budget all inclusive.

India is home to more than 1.3 billion people from the world. A lot of people live with their families. The ideal size of a nuclear family here is of 4 people that is the mother, the father and two kids. People want to take vacations every once in a while to take a break from their stress and a lot of people want to do this on a budget. Let us help you with family trip guide that will help you save money.

How to Plan a Family Vacation on a Budget

Here are the Top 10 Tips to save money and take a family vacations on a budget:-

Travel websites

You should always make it a point that you make your booking from a travel website no matter if it is for accommodation, trains, flights or activities. Travel websites often tend to provide a discount on bookings made through them. If you make your family tour packages booking from a local booking agent, there are chances that he might use the discount and also ask you for his service fees.

Off Season

Every place has a season time and an off season time. If you go during the season time, there are high chances that you will have to pay an extra price for every single thing no matter if it is the hotel, the food or the activities that you do.

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In such cases, we recommend you to find the off season of the place you are going and and travel at that time. This will help you save a lot of money and have the same experience you would’ve otherwise.

Flight Planning

It is always recommended that you make your flights well in advance to get a good deal on your bookings. Apart from this, you should make sure that you book your flight tickets on a week day. This will help you in getting tickets at a lesser rate than the weekend rate.

Unnecessary expenses

We believe and always recommend buying family vacation cost packages that are customizable. This is because a lot of packages include expenses that can be ignored and are unnecessary. To avoid this, you should take tour packages which fits your cost and remove all the expenses that you think are unnecessary. This will also help you from spending a lot on family vacation road trip as well.

Options of Hotel Rooms

Yes, we know that a good hotel is a very important part of a vacation. But this is not possible when you take a budget vacation. There are many options that you can choose instead of hotel rooms as hotel rooms can be very costly sometimes.

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You can choose staying in a tent, at a guest house, a hostel or an affordable rental apartment instead of staying at costly hotels to save a few bucks.

Extra Baggage

We tend to always pack more than the things that are necessary. Airlines charge extra money in such cases. If your baggage exceeds the acceptable limit of the airline, you will have to pay a higher charge to take your baggage with you. You should always avoid carrying things that you do not need on the trip to save money and not have extra expenditures.

Visit Friends

This might be one of the best options to save a huge amount of money when you are on a vacation in large groups. Staying at a friend’s place instead of a hotel can save you a good amount of hotel expenditure. It might sound a bit miserly but the money that you can save by not staying at a hotel is worth it! If you have friends who stay in the city you’re visiting, this is a good option for you.

Discounted Packages

A lot of travel booking websites offer packages that are of a high cost but also packages that are available at a discounted rate. You should always find trip itinerary that can be bought at a discounted prices. Klook offers a good discounted tourist packages for all your needs and you can get the best package here than anywhere else!

It's all about Timing

Timing is everything and the most important factor to look at before making a booking. We always recommend you to make your booking well in advance so that you do not have to pay last minute extra charges for accommodations, last minute expensive flights and activities that you could’ve done at a cheaper cost.

Manage your expectations

If you are on a family vacations and more importantly if it is a budget vacation, you cannot expect to have the best of everything. You just can't anticipate to stay at a 5 star hotel or travel by business class on the flight.

You should always want to do things that will not cost you a lot of money and activities that will help you save your money. In short, you should keep your expectations lower if you are on a budget vacation.

Budget Family Vacations

Budget family holidays might not be everyone’s cup of tea but they can be equally full if they are planned in the right way. So make sure you search out the best budget family vacation ideas and implement them to save cost on your tours and travels.

We recommend to always make sure that everything is well planned in advance for you to not pay a higher late fee in the future. So what are you waiting for? Take the trip you wanted to since a long time and save a few bucks using the tips mentioned above!

If you have more better ideas to save money on family vacations do comment below or share with us on Instagram and we shall be adding them in this list. Wishing you Happy Family Exploring!