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Google Workspace Business Starter Features & Pricing

In this Blog we shall be discussing about Google Workspace Business Starter Features which make your online work easier. It improves your productivity as a team. Let it be professional Gmail, Calendars, drive for storage & lot more. It's all included in the Business Starter plan from Google.

The Google workspace business starter is the most reasonable choice for business. This kind of business starter comes with various effective features which help you a lot in all possible ways. With the help of these essential features, you can run an online business easily. At present, Google is having an upgraded G Suite which comes in the name Google workspace.

Google Workspace Business Starter

It is the best platform that contains a huge range of tools that allow you to get various integrations. You can use these basic business plans for any of the different businesses to improve efficiency. This new upgrade allows getting deep collaboration between the Google tools. The plan helps to handle your entire Google workspace portals effortlessly.

Features of Google Business Starter Plan

The Google workspace business starter is having outstanding productivity tools which give the services for every business to run smoothly. The Gmail standard features contain spam blocking, email filtering, message planning, snoozing, and many more features. The workspace version of Gmail comes with more options for customizing employee's email addresses and ad-free.

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Otherwise, the drive is the best cloud storage option that gives safe access to the workspace. The drive allows you to store files and share them in a protected place. The Google workspace is given a maximum of 30GB of storage and you can add 100 types of files to your drives. Surely, you can get multiple benefits from these Google workspace business starter features.

Compare Google Workspace Different Editions

Through Google Workspace three different editions it offers features as per plans. Below is the screenshot in which you can see a detailed things at a glance. For more kindly visit this Google Support page.

Google Workspace Editions

Improve productivity by Google workspace

Similarly, the Google meet enables you to stay connected with your team through video calls. It is a secure solution to meet the best video calling experiences. In the process, all your information is encrypted. The Google workspace permits conference video calls up to hundreds of people at the same time. Otherwise, chat is a vital platform that also helps to stay joined with your team.

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By using Google chat, you can get one on one or separate group chats easily. All your messages are stored flawlessly for future reference. Both Gmail and chat are run smoothly in the same line. It is because the chat platform is combined with your Gmail. There are many more tools that are accessible and each of the tools helps you highly to make your business to the next stage.

Make use of Google Workspace Business Starter

The Google calendar helps you to form your schedule. Even you can share the Google calendar with your team to keep track of other tasks easily. This tool you can access by using any device like laptop or phone. People can share their business calendar from any other platform like an exchange, outlook, etc. Likewise, there are lots of productivity tools that are accessible such as Google docs, Google sheets, forms, sites, Google keep, and many more.

Overall, the Google workspace is the most reliable platform that improves your business-level highly. This business starter is taking care of your business all the time. And also gives security from various intrusions. It is a one stop solution and you can get experiences more than your expectations.

Checkout this Intro video of Google Workspace on YouTube to get the deeply insights of this product from Google which was formerly knows as G Suite.

Google Workspace Business Starter Pricing

The pricing of Google Workspace Business Starter plan depends upon the country from where you are signing up. For eg if you are from joining from USA the monthly costing will be $6/user/month. And if you are signing up from Canada then costing will be $7.80 CAD monthly per user. Visit this page to know the pricing of your region.

Google Workspace Free Trial

Google Workspace Free Trial

To testify this amazing Workplace Google offers 14-days free trial subscription. Let it be Business Starter, Standard or Plus plan. You can understand more about this product & learn exactly how it works. How new users can be added and precisely how much will it cost for your use. Click here to - Begin your free trial

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