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GSuite Promo Code

G Suite offers businesses the tools to get work done in a better way with shared calendars, video meetings, professional email, online storage and more.

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G Suite Discount Code 2020

Not only this much there are so many daily business problems that can be solved by using a GSuite of integrated tools such as calendar, Hangout, Gmail and many other.

For your convenience we are showing the Standard prices of GSuite. Also note sometimes Google occasionally offers special deals and GSuite coupons to some customers for both the Flexible and Annual Plan.

Following is pricing list for GSuite Basic Plan :

Flexible PlanAnnual Plan
ContractNone1 year (billed monthly)
Price per userUSD$6 / month$72 / year
EUR€5.2 / month€62.4 / year
GBP£4.6 / month£55.2 / year
INRRs420 / monthRs5040 / year
JPY¥680 / month¥8160 / year
AUDA$8.4 / monthA$100.8 / year
CADC$7.8 / monthC$93.6 / year
MXNMex$117 / monthMex$1404 / year
BRLR$27 / monthR$324 / year

Below is the charges list for GSuite Business

Flexible PlanAnnual Plan
ContractNone1 year (billed monthly)
Price per userUSD$12 / month$144 / year
EUR€10.4 / month€124.8 / year
GBP£9.2 / month£110.4 / year
INRRs840 / monthRs10080 / year
JPY¥1360 / month¥16320 / year
AUDA$16.8 / monthA$201.6 / year
CADC$15.6 / monthC$187.2 / year
MXNMex$234 / monthMex$2808 / year
BRLR$54 / monthR$648 / year

If you are looking for GSuite Enterprise Charges, here they are :

Flexible PlanAnnual Plan
ContractNone1 year (billed monthly)
Price per userUSD$25 / month$300 / year
EUR€23 / month€276 / year
GBP£20 / month£240 / year
INRRs1650 / monthRs19800 / year
JPY¥3000 / month¥36000 / year
AUDA$34 / monthA$408 / year
CADC$34 / monthC$408 / year
MXNMex$500 / monthMex$6000 / year
BRLR$112 / monthR$1344 / year

Now, if you are wondering which plan you should go for. We would say that completely depends up on the size plus variability of your work force and company. Is it only for personal use, how many employees currently you have got and many other factors.

What If you have gone for some plan right can I switch billing plans later. Well, for this we would suggest you to read this article from Google to get clear view on this.

For GSuite USA - Starting at $6 (USD) per user, per month, you can bring your team together with professional email, online storage, video meetings and more.

For GSuite Australia : Starting at $8.4 AUD per user, per month. You are never alone with GSuite 24/7 support — you are only ever one phone call away from Google experts with advice and support.

For GSuite UK - Starting at £4.60 per user, per month. Get involved with more than 5 Million businesses. Also checkout G Suite Promo Code Australia.

For India - Starting at ₹210* per user, per month. This promotional price for Basic subscription is valid until January 15th, 2021. Rates applicable exclusively until your first renewal after January 15th, 2021 and is only valid in India.

We also offer G Suite Promotion Code 2020 for Hong Kong, Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Spain and other countries.

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If you Have more questions about using GSuite? You can find all the answers here.

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