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Best Road Trip in Switzerland | Places to Visit

Switzerland is a land famous for many reasons. But did you know it’s one of the best places you can embark on a road trip? Notable among the scenic views you can look forward to are the majestic mountains, enchanting valleys, and globally-acclaimed chocolates. It’s no surprise many tourists choose to visit the country every year.

Though it’s not among the most significant countries in Europe, Switzerland has a rich culture and history as any other country. The size helps because you can cover many grounds and make all the most fantastic stops in no time.

Best Road Trip in Switzerland
Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Reducing the time spent on the road means you get to experience, explore, and learn more. But those looking to appreciate the stunning views from the open road will have their share of the windy and spectacular drives as well.

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Continue reading to learn the top six places you must visit on a road trip to Switzerland.
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1. Visit the Great St. Bernard Pass

Though the Great St. Bernard Pass is among some of the most challenging mountain ridges globally, it has seen a lot of activities since the days of the Roman Empire. In those days, the pass served a commerce route between the rest of Europe and Northern Italy. Napoleon Bonaparte and his armies also traversed it in the 1800s during his invasion of Italy.

Today, a tunnel through the mountain, constructed in 1964, allows travelers to access it every half of the year. The Swiss portion is 56km starting from Martigny and ending in San Bernardino.

2. Explore The Pass of St. Gotthard

the pass of st gotthard turner
Photo by Justin Luebke on Unsplash

The St. Gotthard Pass is perhaps one of the essential roads in all of Europe. It spans a total of 64km from the German-speaking Andermatt and Biasca, an Italian speaking town. The Gotthard is similar to the previously mentioned St. Bernard Pass, situated 40 kilometers eastwards.

According to some historians, tolls taken from motorists on this road since the 1300s were a significant financing source that aided Switzerland’s independence. It also has a tunnel that’s 16km long constructed in 1980. This tunnel enables road users to ply the road every time of year. However, you’ll find the high road jammed with traffic during the summer.

3. Drive on The Simplon Pass

The Simplon Pass is different from the St. Gotthard Pass in that it has no spectacular bridges, artful turns, and walls. Instead, you’ll find that it merges with the natural relief features of some of Europe’s most breathtaking mountainsides.

The pass spans about 64km starting at Brig and stretches to Domodossola, across the Italian border. Initially, the design of the road began in 1805 following Napoleon’s orders.

However, in an ironic twist, he lost power before he could ever travel the road with his armies. Though the Swiss highway department continues to try, the road remains closed from December to early May.

4. Tour The Bernina Pass

driving the bernina pass
Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

Yet another route that served people of old, the Bernina Pass, has seen the traffic of merchant-led donkeys, horses, and caravans as far back as the Middle Ages.

The mountain pass takes motorists through the Bernina Range of the Alps. You can find St. Moritz, the renowned resort town in the heart of Engadin valley. Just a few kilometers away to the east of the pass lies Piz Bernina.

It also has a railway that’s the highest aversion route of its kind in Europe. You can explore the 55km long driveway for about two hours. The pass begins at Moritz and ends at Tirano.

5. En route From Stelvio to Davos

davos to stelvio pass
Image by Raul Taciu on Unsplash

If you’re fond of skiing, then visiting Davos’ ski resort should be on your itinerary. But it’s the trip from Davos to Stelvio that takes you through one of Switzerland’s most popular roads. This Swiss Alp road stretching from Davos to Stelvio is indeed one of a kind in the world.

The Stelvio Pass has intricate twists and turns. It has a total of 60 hairpin corners that will activate your greatest driving skills and leave you remembering it for years to come. Remember to be well prepared before starting this trip because you’ll need your wits about you to pull off this challenging drive.

6. Explore The Furka Pass

driving furka pass switzerland

Image by LoggaWiggler from Pixabay

This one is ideal for lovers, adventurers, and traveling parties looking for some high-altitude fun. The Furka Pass is famous in Switzerland as a road trip destination for many good reasons. For one, there are many awe-inspiring views along the way as you ascend the road.

You’ll find many stunning glaciers, scenic mountain sides, and valleys rich with vegetation. The road stretches from Andermatt to Gletsch and is 32km. At the apex, you can explore the Rhone Glacier. Though a massive glacier formerly, it has significantly retreated over the previous years. There is a mountain resort at Andermatt where you can stop for refreshment too.

Best Scenic Drive in Switzerland

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Even if you don’t get to spend a full day at any one place, the experience awaiting you will undoubtedly be worthwhile because you’ll bring back many wonderful memories irrespective of the time spent on the road. So grab your camera, pack your luggage, and prepare for the road trip of a lifetime.

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