Travel in Switzerland Glacier Express Train with Swiss Travel Pass. Book Tickets online with best prices. In this Swiss Alps Travel Guide we discuss Glacier Express train route, timetable, fare, excellence class, food and many more things.

Switzerland, also known as the most beautiful country in the world is a dream vacation for everyone who is passionate about travelling and loves to travel. It is a country that is on the top of everyone’s bucket list.

Glacier Express Train

Even though Switzerland is smaller in size compared to France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein and other European countries, it is still one of those countries that is visited more than a lot of other countries.

Switzerland is famous for its Swiss Cows, the Toblerone Mountain, Swiss Trains, Swiss Fondue, Swiss Villages, it’s Cable Cars in the Mountains, Swiss watches and clocks and many other things that people can see and experience here in Switzerland.

One of the best tourist attractions that people love in Switzerland is the Glacier Express Train. Ever wondered if you could take a train in an unknown country that will show you the most beautiful parts of that country? The Glacier Train is what you are looking for then.

What is Glacier Express Train?

The Glacier Express Train is known to be the slowest express train in the world. It is a train that takes passengers through 91 tunnels and around 291 bridges in about eight hours. The Glacier Express Train covers around 290 kms that is 180 miles in around 7 and a half hours at the speed of 24 mph. A luxurious journey that takes you through the beauty of Switzerland and leaves you with the best experience of your life.

The train is clean, carpeted, air conditioned and the most comfortable train journey you will ever get on. You can also pre book a meal on the train that will be served to you at your seat with proper cutlery and a tablecloth. You have options to choose in starters, main course, wines and desserts.

A train journey in the Glacier Express Train will be the best thing you can do in Switzerland if you like to view the beauty of the country in very detailed manners.

Glacier Express Train Route

The journey of the Glacier Express Train starts from Zermatt in the Canton of Valais and takes you to St. Mortiz in the Canton of Graububden and then vice versa. The train journey takes you though the scenic views of the Swiss Alps, the beautiful and mesmerizing mountains, the snowy areas of the country and everything that you would expect on a trip to Switzerland.

Glacier Express Train Ticket Price

The Glacier Express train fare from Zermatt to St. Mortiz will cost you 169 Swiss Francs that is $202. The price of the ticket assured you a compulsory seat reservation and a sure shot journey in the Glacier Express Train Ride.

Glacier Express Timetable 2020

The train that begins from Zermatt and goes to St. Mortiz takes off at 8:52 AM from Zermatt and reaches St. Mortiz at 16:38 PM during the winters. The same train ride that starts from Zermatt and goes to Mortiz during the summers, takes off at 9:52 AM and reaches at 17:38 PM.

Another train starts from St. Mortiz and goes to Zermatt takes off at 9:15 AM and reaches Zermatt at 17:10 PM during the winters. The same train comes back from St. Mortiz at 10:20 AM and reaches Zermatt at 18:10 PM during the summers.

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If you are planning to take a trip on the Glacier Express train, you should always pre book your tickets as this will give you a confirmation of travelling on the train for sure.

Note: The timetable might change in winter and depending upon weather so double check on the official website before boarding and booking Glacier Express tickets online.

How to reach to board Glacier Express Train?

The nearest airport to the Glacier Express Train is the Zurich airport. Once you have reached the Zurich airport, you can take a Swiss train to the Glacier Express Train and start your journey there onwards.

The distance between St. Moritz to Zurich Airport is around 202Kms which will take roughly 3hrs if you are driving. There are trains also available to cover the same journey.

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You can book your tickets well in advance to receive a sure shot confirmation of your journey if you are a guest or you can use your Swiss Travel Pass to make your bookings.

What is the Swiss Travel Pass?

The Swiss Travel Pass covers all the travels of trains, buses and boats done by you. It also includes the Panasonic journey of the Glacier Express Train. The benefits of the Swiss Travel Pass include free entry into more than 500 museums, a 50% off on a lot of Montano railways and also free travel by public transport in around 90 Swiss cities.

You can choose from either first class or second class, you can choose the pass to be either consecutive or flexible and you also have the option of choosing the number of days that you want your pass to be valid for.

The rate of the pass starts from $300 and increases according to your choices. One of the traveler Mr. Harjyot Harbhajan Singh has reviewed the Swiss travel pass and said that it is a mandatory thing if you want to explore Switzerland easily and has rated it 5 stars. You can buy the pass too and explore the unseen of Switzerland views from Klook.


Don’t you also feel excited after reading about the beauty of Switzerland and want to take a trip on the Glacier Express Train just like we want to? A Switzerland trip can never fail anyone. Get your bookings done and go on that dream vacation to make memories that you will cherish forever.

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Happy Journey!!