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Most Expensive Luxurious Hotels in Amsterdam

Spend a night in the most luxurious hotels in Amsterdam and get best discount on online booking. Here is the list of expensive apartments in Amsterdam which offers amenities like no one. Tourists who have stayed at these luxury resorts have recommended to other couples as well based on their personal experiences.

Amsterdam, one of the most famous cities in Europe and the capital city of Netherlands is known for its rich heritage, its culture, its narrow houses, the greenery of the city and the best nightlife in the nation.

Driving a car or driving a bike is a way of reaching their destination for all the people in other countries but here in Amsterdam, cycling is how people get to the places they have to go to! The city has numerous bike paths and cycling is the most preferred mode of travelling for the people of Amsterdam.

Expensive Hotels in Amsterdam
Best Amsterdam Luxury Hotels

Amsterdam also has some of the most luxurious hotels in the world and a lot of tourists like to take a night’s stay at these hotels. If you love luxury and want to stay at the most expensive hotel room in Amsterdam, let us help you out with some of the luxury boutique hotels in Amsterdam.

Luxury Hotels in Amsterdam

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1. Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

One of the most expensive stays in Amsterdam is Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam. The hotel has been rated 5 stars by its guests and is said to be the best place to stay at while you’re in Amsterdam.

The hotel has amenities such as a swimming pool, a gym, a sauna, free wifi and paid breakfast. They also allow you to get pets along with you.

One room can have only one pet inside it. This hotel has one of the most expensive rooms in Amsterdam.

Cost: A night’s stay at this luxury family hotel will cost you around 600 USD.

2. Hotel TwentySeven

Hotel TwentySeven Amsterdam

A hotel that has been rated 5 stars by its guests and has everything you could ever ask for is Hotel TwentySeven. The hotel offers 24 hour room service and free wifi to its guests. They also have paid facilities like babysitting, breakfast, lunch and dinner at their restaurant, etc.

They provide free newspaper service, laundry service and dry cleaning service. The hotel does not allow pets. However, service animals are allowed in the premises of the hotels.

Price per night: The price of the rooms at this hotel begins from 320 USD.

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3. Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam

Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam

You will find one of the most expensive hotel suites in Amsterdam in this hotel. A 5 star rated hotel that has luxurious rooms and the best room service is a dream stay for everyone!

The best part about this hotel is that they have a poolside bar where you can take your drink and relax by the pool. They also offer wifi and a 24 hours room service to guests.

The hotel rooms are spacious and have some of the best designer toiletries. Just look out for the prices while you’re browsing online to grab a stunning accommodations deal on budget hotels in Amsterdam.

Hotel Cost: the rooms of this hotel will cost you around 430 USD per night.

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4. InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam

InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam

A hotel like they show in the movies and has best suites in Amsterdam is InterContinental. The location of the hotel and the guest service is rated 5 stars by its guests and is one of the highly preferred hotels to stay in Amsterdam City Centre.

The hotel offers amenities such as an indoor pool, a spa tub, sauna, free wifi, 24 hour room service, etc. They also have 2 restaurants and 2 bars where you can wine and dine at!

Charges: The cost of a Suite at this hotel starts from 400 USD per night.

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5. Luxury Suites Amsterdam

hotels in amsterdam city centre

As the name suggests, you will find one of the most luxurious and expensive suites in Amsterdam here! Rated as the best hotel suites in Amsterdam, our last hotel is surely not the least of them all!

The hotel provides facilities like a 24 hour fitness centre, a 24 hour room service, a newspaper service, dry cleaning and laundry service, free wifi and babysitting service at an extra charge.

They also have a restaurant and a coffee shop café where you can enjoy a hearty meal. The property is located at Professor Tulpplein 1, Amsterdam City Centre.

Cost: A nights stay at one of their suites will cost you roughly 300 USD.

Special Notice: For Hotel bookings be sure to get the authentic information needed before travelling to a destination as touristic travel guide might be required. Stay flexible with the dates and book hotels with free cancellation in case if there are any changes in your travel plans.

Luxury Hotels in Amsterdam with Jacuzzi

We are always in the search of the best places that anyone can visit, best hotels a person can stay at, tourist attractions that are famous in the following country and the best food for our taste buds. We went through a lot of research and found out the best and the cheap hotels in Amsterdam for you!

Hoping this Hotel Travel Blog has helped in you finding the most famous 5 star hotels with jacuzzi and swimming pool. Cloudsdeal is the easiest way to find Hotels, attractions or flights on the go.

Advice: Cancellation plus online payment options might vary on the property or supplier, so we suggest you to check their policies before final resort bookings.

If you are visiting Amsterdam soon and are all about the luxurious stays, make sure to check out the above mentioned list of the most expensive hotel in Amsterdam.
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We wish you a happy stay!

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