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Best Places to Visit in Fiji Islands, Fiji Tour Packages

Looking for Best Fiji Tour Packages? Checkout these Best Places to Visit in Fiji Islands and top activities to do in Fiji plus learn about Best Hotels to stay in Fiji. If you are going for honeymoon on this islands you can discover the best beaches in Fiji.

Fiji is an island country in the South Pacific Situated northwest of New Zealand and Australia. It comprises over 300 islands, only a third of that occupied. It has a tropical climate with average everyday low temperatures in the 70s and average daily high temperatures in the 90s.

Places to Visit in Fiji Islands

Agriculture was a significant source of jobs and revenue in Fiji. Its native plants contain kava, coconut oil, cocoa and ginger. In the last ten years, the tourism sector in Fiji has increased by leaps and bounds and today accounts for a lot of the nation's generated earnings and job resources.

Millions of tourist’s flock to the small island country annually to partake in the wide variety of tasks it has to offer you. We are going to outline a few of the most well-known areas that tourists see Fiji, in no specific order.

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Good places to visit in Fiji

Here is the list of best and good places to visit in Fiji Islands. Whether you are travelling in couple, family or with friends you can explore these top places to visit in Fiji.

Kula Eco Park

Kula Eco Park is Fiji's only wildlife park. This job is preserving flora and fauna of the nation instructing the people -- particularly the children -- about the several methods and also the value of wildlife conservation. Free courses are given frequently. The playground can be found in a forest that encircles a flow.

The forest is full of native trees which have supplied everything from food to medication for indigenous Fijians for centuries. Parrots, iguanas and flying fruit bats are merely some of the native wildlife you will find here.

Coral Coast Railway

The Coral Coast Railway provides tourists with a unique way to experience life in Fiji and also to observe parts of the nation they would not get to otherwise. The trains are modest, open-air packs -- not elaborate passenger trains you may be anticipating.

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The paths meander along different paths through sugarcane farms and coastal villages with a few quitting for various planned trips on the way. Trips can last from 1/2 an hour to an entire day, depending upon the path chosen.

Sigatoka River Safari

The Sigatoka River Safari is a boat tour of Fiji that runs across the Sigatoka River. The jungle lasts an entire day and conveys passengers through a few of their most pristine regions of the nation where breathtaking scenery stinks.

It is a do-not-miss attraction for any visitor to Fiji since you can see parts of the country that can't be obtained over the property. Visit Delta Airlines Reservations and get most suitable vacation packages with cheap flight fares to Fiji.

Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Baths

Off the beaten path, down a long and winding road, you will smell the odour of sulfur from the atmosphere. As pools of steaming water come into perspective, you will know you are in the ideal location.

sabeto hot springs mud baths fiji

There are three pools of varying levels of warm in addition to sand wallows to dip yourself. The hot springs and their mud are believed to possess purifying attributes and have been appreciated by tourists and locals alike for centuries.

Arts Village

The Arts Village in Fiji is an open-air market full of artisan products. You can find wall hangings, paintings, handicrafts, clothes and an assortment of other art pieces that anybody would like to bring home as souvenirs of the time in Fiji. Additionally, there are many different cafes, restaurants and other conveniences in the region, making it a fantastic comprehensive shopping destination.

Clubbing at Suva

If you're searching for a party in Fiji, Suva is where to locate it. The town is world-renowned for its nightlife scene abundant clubs which appeal to some genre of music lovers out there. The pubs in Suva start hopping after 10 pm, and the celebration continues until 5 am once the city legislation states it has to finish.

But do not worry -- they will do it all again next week. The club is surrounded by other amusement places like movie theatres and restaurants and is undoubtedly the spot to see and be seen in Fiji.

Molituvu Tribal Village

Molotov was the site of a bustling tribal village of early Fijians. Through teamwork, a bunch of archaeologists discovered the ancient city a couple of years back. They managed to reestablish the town out of the ruins, so it appears much the same today as it did centuries ago.

Molitvu Tribal Village is surrounded by local celebrities that depict ancient Fijians going in their day to day lives in town to provide tourists with a glimpse to yesteryear.

Garden of The Sleeping Giant

Little did the late-night US actor Raymond Burr understand the garden he planted in 1977 for his pleasure would shortly become one of Fiji's most popular tourist attractions. Nowadays, the gardens cover over 20 hectares bursting with all the colors of two thousand distinct types of orchids. Walk at your speed whilst taking a break on a few of the numerous benches.

Sawa-i-Lau Caves away Nacula Island

The Sawa-i-Lau Caves are for authentic thrill-seekers. They're part of a series of 100 caves, the majority of which are only reachable by sailors. Within the labyrinth, the walls grow up some 50 feet in some areas while in others, you can hardly squeeze through the passages.

Swimming, swimming, exploring, and diving are popular activities in the Sawa-i-Lau caves. Local legend states that a ten-headed god resides in those temples. Could you find him?

Historical Walk of Levuka

Walking tours are an excellent way to experience a region at your own pace. The walking tour in Levuka supplies some magnificent scenery in addition to original Fijian architecture and sites of historical importance. A few factors of interest to look out for would be the Masonic Lodge, Church of The Sacred Heart and The Royal Hotel.

Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park

Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park situated in the mouth of the Sigatoka River. It covers over 600 hectares filled with dunes, which range from heights of 20m to 60m. Pottery dating back some three million years discoveries from the dunes in addition to one of the most important burial sites from the Pacific.

In 1999 Fiji applied for approval as a World Heritage Site. The dunes were the site of numerous bloody conflicts between early Fijians and conflicting forces. See towers were built all along the region to keep tabs. The majority of these towers have since been destroyed but a few of these remain.

Useful Tips and Information

You are very likely to encounter a lot of villages when seeing Fiji, particularly if you tour the distant places. You must always ask permission from the town old to input. If encouraged within the houses, it expects that you remove your shoes.
Tipping is frowned upon in Fiji, but the team at luxury hotels may recommend you give your suggestion to a team communal fund instead. Internet access is readily available in most metro areas of Fiji as are banking conveniences such as ATMs.

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