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Bangkok Floating Market Tour & Train Market Tour

Book Bangkok Damnoen Saduak Floating Market & Maeklong Train Market Tour online. If you want you can also go for Private tour to Bangkok famous floating market with Hotel Pickup. One of the best places to explore in Thailand filled with full of colorful boat vendors. Shop in a most fascinating way.

Bangkok has lots of places to visit for the travelers. There are lot of reasons why this city invites lots of tourists every year. Amphawa Floating market and Maeklong railway train markets are widely popular in this city.

Bangkok Floating Market Tour

So, whenever you plan to travel to Bangkok, you must add both these places in your trip. Air conditioned car rides, firefly boat rides, and local trains makes these places best for the tourists.

Visiting these places is inexpensive and you are free to purchase various things here. So, along with your families and friends, you can enjoy a lot there. Let's know some more about both these amazing places.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market Tour

Both of these excellent markets are great to know more about the local cultures of Bangkok. Buying amazing art and craft, paintings, and other amazing things is pretty easy in these markets.

Visiting these markets will surely offer you great experiences which you will never forget. You will also get to know about the amazing history of the city there. So, make sure to spend good time and explore everything.

Bangkok Floating market tour price

Prices are 972.95 Thai Baht which is around 31 USD for one day trip of the floating market Bangkok. You can easily book tickets through GetyourGuide.

Maeklong Train Market Tour

Visit the Umbrella pull down market. Umbrella pull down market is also known as Maeklong market. The market is full of vendors selling different items. A train is also there going through the barrel. It is another place to explore the local culture while exploring the amazingly organized shops.

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Lots of restaurants are also there to have amazing food at this market. Get to meet with the locals and explore the culture here in this mesmerizing market.

Visit Bat Bang Kung

This amazing temple is also known as the home of golden Buddha. The temple is covered amazingly by the banyan trees all around. This amazing temple is the best place to seek God Buddha's blessings. The temple is also popular for its great architectural values.

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This is the reason why you must go there. The temple will surely allow you to have a great fun while exploring these traditional markets.

Amphawa Floating Market

The floating market is best to enjoy exciting boat rides along with your loved ones. The Amphawa floating market will surely become much more enjoyable when you ride a boat there. These rides starts at 6 PM and available for everyone interested.

Amphawa Floating market Bangkok is widely popular for its boat rides too. These boats will take you through various shops and other locations effectively. You will also know about the bloody battle history of the location.

Also, you will be able to explore the amazing Buddhist temple along the way. Here, you will seek blessings while exploring the elegant beauty of the market.

In the rainy seasons, you will also get chance to see amazing fireflies all around. However, the night time is best time to get the most out of these rides. The rides are popular for their evening times.

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So, make sure to visit all the places in these markets and pick the right time for your visit.

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