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Safari World Bangkok Ticket Price, Show Timings

The simplest way to enjoy Safari World Bangkok is to book tickets price online with transfer at best prices after applying given discounts & deals. This will make your travel more convenient & let you enjoy the fantastic shows, experiences at the Safari World Bangkok Thailand.

If you want to travel to Bangkok, you have lots of things to explore. But, if you are an animal or nature lover, there are some special things you should definitely do on your Bangkok trip. One of the best things to do in Bangkok to explore the amazing wildlife of Bangkok is Safari World Bangkok.

Safari World Bangkok Thailand

You are going to have an amazing marine park experience in which you will get nowhere else in the city. The park is a home to more than 100 different species of animals, which you can explore here for sure. Let’s know some more about this excellent park. You can also go for Safari world Bangkok tiger feeding.

Here are the details of Safari World with Marine park ticket price :

Safari World Bangkok Show Timings

Marine Park Show (Weekdays):
Orangutan Show: 10:20 AM
Sea Lion Show: 11 AM
Elephant Show: 11:40 AM
Hollywood Cowboys Show: 11:40 AM
Dolphin Show: 1:45 PM
Spy War Show: 2:45 PM
Bird Show: 3:40 PM

Marine Park Show (Weekends):
Orangutan Show: 10:20 AM & 3:45 PM
Sea Lion Show: 11 AM & 4:15 PM
Elephant Show: 11:40 AM & 4:40 PM
Hollywood Cowboys Show: 11:40 AM
Dolphin Show: 1:45 PM
Spy War Show: 2:45 PM
Bird Show: 11 AM & 3:40 PM

Note : The real time might differ you need to confirm on the day of your visit.

Safari World Opening Hours

The opening timings of this park are different on weekdays and weekends. Make sure to plan your visit with family accordingly.


Safari Park: 9 AM to 4:30 PM | Marine Park: 9 AM to 5:00 PM

Weekends :

Safari Park: 9 AM to 5 PM | Marine Park: 9 AM to 6 PM

Safari World Bangkok Online Booking

The tickets can be booked online through Klook. Choice is your either you can book a combo of Safari Entry plus transfer or you can book a separate Safari World Transfer.


Also checkout the Safari World Shared Transfers on Klook

More than 300K people have already booked this experience through Klook. What are you waiting for? Go ahead & book your tickets right away.

Attractions :

The park is divided into two parts. The first one is the Safari park and the second is Marine Park. In the Safari park, you can get a chance to see numerous wildlife animals such as white tigers, giraffes, lions, camels, zebras, etc. Whereas, in the marine park, you get full of amazing sea creatures such as Sea lions, etc.

In both of these parks, different sorts of shows are organized regularly to increase the levels of fun with your loved ones. So, visit the Safari World park and get together with amazing sea, land, and air creatures.

Safari World Bangkok Map

Whenever you are planning to explore this Safari remember to Bookmark this page & download this map image for detailed info about this park.

Safari World Bangkok Map

Enjoy the Cowboy stunt show.

You can see an amazing cowboy stunt show here at this natural park. This stunt show will offer you a great experience by showing Hollywood type gunfights, explosives, etc. This is surely a great thing to enjoy, along with your families and friends in this wildlife park. It is probably a different thing which you can normally expect at a safari park.

Ride in a luxury coach

If you want to make your trip much more comfortable and facilitating, you should book a luxury coach which will take you to all the popular locations of this park.

Personal vehicles are also allowed here, but if you do not have one with you, you can easily book a luxury coach that will give you a different experience inside the park. The prices are low, but the level of comfort and satisfaction is higher.

Enjoy Water Flume ride.

Inside the park, an amazing water flume ride is also located. The ride will take you through the jungle where occasional water splashes will be there.

There is also Pororo Aquapark Bangkok which is one of the best places to visit in Bangkok if you love water, rides, adventures etc. Tickets are not that costly but if you are travelling with Kids you will just like this place.

This ride is a must enjoying activity inside this park. So, when you are with your families, kids, or friends, it becomes crucial to have fun in this water flume ride. You can book it at the park or online at easy prices.

How to reach Safari World Bangkok

The park is located on 99 Panyaintra Road in Samwatawantok, Bangkok. You can easily book a taxi to reach there from any other location in Bangkok. Also, public transportation services are also available.

Do let us know how was your experience. We shall be waiting to hear from you.

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