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How to apply for Dubai tourist visa online from India

Learn How to apply for a Dubai visa from India online?. The modern technology is helping us in every possible way. Whether it is online shopping or our professional careers, everything has become faster and efficient than the earlier days. Applying for Dubai Tourist visas is now much easier than it was in the earlier days.

For countries like Dubai, it is not easy to get your visas approved especially for job purposes. If you are an Indian, you are in a long row where lots of people are looking to get their visas approved for this privileged country. You can apply for a visa to enter Dubai on both online and offline basis.

dubai tourist visa online

If you are an Indian, you can apply through the online mediums and get your visas approved in short periods. So, if you are looking for a good platform to do this effectively, we have a solution for you.

Book Dubai Visa online from India through iVisa!

iVisa is one of the most popular platforms helping the candidates to apply for their Dubai visas online. This online service is highly helpful to make your visa application process easier and fast.

Instead of doing everything using manual and paper methods, iVisa helps its users to easily fill all the crucial details using online mediums and get their visas approved shortly.

Because of the online systems, it becomes easier for both the candidates and authorities to process the documents and other information effectively. So, iVisa is working as a leading platform to help the people to use these online visa application process for Dubai in an effective manner.

dubai visa online india

What are the documents required to apply for a visa online on iVisa?

You will get all the desired information about the application process and other things on this platform. But, if you want to get the most out of these services, it is crucial to have all the required documents and information with you.

So, here you will know the documents which you will need while applying for your Dubai visa online on iVisa.

  1. Valid Passport
  2. A Passport Scan
  3. Passport size photo
  4. Valid E-mail address
  5. Methods of online payment

The eVisa is valid for 60 days after their issue dates. So, when you apply for the online visas, make sure to keep in mind the amount of time you want to stay in Dubai.

Although, this iVisa is offering its excellent services to easily help you in applying and getting your Dubai visa without any hassle. But, it is crucial to keep all other things in your consideration including the validity of the passport and the genuineness of the given information.

How to apply for Dubai tourist visa from India

Three different modes of visa processing are available when you use iVisa to apply for a Dubai visa online.

The standard processing will take 7 business days for visa processing at USD 134. Whereas the rush processing will take 5 business days at USD 164. If you go for the super rush processing, you will have to pay USD 194 and you will get your visa in only 3 business days.

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