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Gir National Park Travel Guide | Hotels, How to Reach

Presenting you a complete Gujarat Gir National Park Travel Guide. Get to know about how to reach, online safari booking, cheap hotels, what to do and how you should plan your trip to Gir Forest National Park.

We are sure that everyone is familiar with the campaign ‘Kuch Din Toh Gujaro Gujarat Mein’. The campaign featured Amitabh Bachchan and the purpose of this campaign was to promote Gujarat tourism. Gujarat is a state in India and has some of the many hidden gems that you would surely love to visit. One such gem is the Gir National Park.

Gir National Park Travel Guide

Gir National Park is located near Talala Gir in Gujarat and the national park is also known as Sasan Gir. If you live in Gujarat or are planning to visit the state anytime soon, make sure to add the national park in your travel itinerary.

Let us take you through a travel guide that will help you while you are at the National Park!

How to reach Gir National Park

By Flight : Even though the national park is located in Gujarat, the best way for you to travel to Gir National Park is by taking a flight from your city to Diu which also serves the neighboring areas of Gujarat and then taking a cab ride from Diu to Gir National Park. The ride will be about 2 hours approximately.

Another way to reach Gir National Park is to take a flight from your location to the city of Porbandar. Once you reach Porbandar, you can book a cab till Gir National Park to reach Gir Forest.

By railway station : Junagadh is the nearest railway station. If you are not getting direct train to Junagadh you can come to Ahmedabad station & from there you can change your train.

By road: The distance from Ahmedabad to Sasan Gir National Park is around 350Kms via car. Approx travel duration it will take 3-4hours. Or you can take direct bus to Junagadh & from there it's 90mins ride to the forest.

Gir National Park Safari timings

While you are at the Gir National Park, you can take a jeep safari and experience something that you have never done before in your life! The safari is full of adventures, excitement and thrill and you wouldn’t rather be anywhere else.

The National Park is closed in the months of July, August and September. They are open from October till June and open all 7 days of the week. For the rest of the months and timings, you can check the table to get all the information needed:-

You can do Online Sasan Gir Safari Booking here:

SeasonsDaysMorning TimingsEvening Timing
16th October to 28th/29th February
Monday to Sunday6:45 AM to 9:45 AM3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
1st March to 15th June
Monday to Sunday6:00 AM to 9:00 AM4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Gir National Park Safari Cost

Following is the screenshot taken from government website which explains everything in details. If you are looking for more help you can simply comment below.

gir safari cost

Best time to visit Sasan Gir National Park

Gujarat is usually very hot in the months from March to June that is the Summer Season. To avoid getting tired, the best time to visit Gir National Park is in the winter months that are from October to February. You will feel cold and cozy in the winter months and will be more excited to explore the unexplored.

Even though the summer months are not the ideal ones to visit the national park, yet you can see some amazing wildlife species and click some great wildlife photos in the summer months.

You can visit in the winter months for the best experience of your trip as well as in the summer months to do some amazing photography. The only months that you should avoid visiting the national park are June and October.

Budget Hotels near Gir National Park

The true identity of a city or a place can be identified by how they treat their guests. Gujarat has always been known for treating their guests like god. Staying at a national park for a day or two is always a good idea! If you plan to stay at the Gir National Park, let us help you with some amazing hotels.

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We will state three hotels; one out of which is a luxurious hotel, one is an average hotel and one is the most affordable one. You can choose your stay option according to your needs!

1. Hotel Gir Scintilla

Hotel Gir Scintilla

The most affordable hotel that you can find in the entire area of Gir National Park is the Hotel Gir Scintilla. The hotel is a perfect fit for when you visit the Gir forest during winters as this hotel does not offer an air conditioner at the most affordable room. You have two stay options; one out of which is air conditioned and the other has a fan that you can use.

The hotel offers services like free parking, non smoking rooms, air conditioned rooms at extra cost, etc. you can book a room at this hotel starting at the price of ₹900 per night. There is no complimentary breakfast option available in this hotel but you can easily find food joints around the hotel to eat from.

Ratings: 2 stars

2. Forest Ranch Homestay, Sasan Gir

Forest Ranch Homestay Sasan Gir

The hotel Forest Ranch Gir is located 2 kms away from the main centre of Sasan Gir. This is a good hotel for the price you pay to stay here. The hotel looks pretty from the outside as well as the rooms look well designed with all modern amenities.

The best part about this hotel is that you can get your pets along with you and they allow your pets to stay with you at no extra charges. The closest airport to this hotel is the Diu Airport that is located at the distance of 59.4 kms from the hotel. You get to choose from 2 stay options at this hotel starting at the price of ₹6,000 per night. You also get a complimentary breakfast offered at this price.

Ratings: 5 stars

3. The Gateway Hotel Gir Forest

The Gateway Hotel Gir Forest

The most luxurious and the most expensive hotel at the Gir National Park is The Gateway Hotel Gir Forest. You get to stay at this hotel and experience the lavish and royal life! The hotel is based on the banks of the Hiran River and you can see some of the most spectacular views of the river and the forest from your room.

You can also take a dip in their outdoor swimming pool and witness the most mesmerizing sunset of your life! The hotel also offers spa treatments, a fitness centre, an open air library lounge, children’s activity centre, a minibar in your room, free wifi and many such other facilities. You can stay at this hotel and relax while you return from the forest activities.

You can book a room at this luxurious hotel starting at the price of ₹18,000 per night. The hotel also offers a complimentary breakfast included in the price.

Tourist Ratings: 4 stars

Tourist attractions in Gir National Park

There are a lot of tourist spots that you can see at the Gir National Park and a lot of activities that you can take up while you are here.

Here is a list of things you can do and places you can visit:-

One of the top tourist sights in Gir National Park is the Kamleshwar Dam. The area of the Kamleshwar Dam is very huge and is a famous bird watching sight in the Gir National Park. You can relax by the dam with your friends and family and have a great time!

If you love everything about nature and can never get enough waterfalls then you must surely visit the Jamjir Waterfall to see one of the best waterfalls you can ever witness! Just sitting by the waterfall will give you a sense of calm and relax your mind.

A trip to Gujarat is never finished without witnessing their cultures. You can visit the Kankai Mata Temple that portrays the culture and tradition of Gujarat in the best way possible. Make sure to spend a few minutes at this temple to be at your utmost peace!

A few of the other things that you can do here is go shopping in the national park, witness their tribal festivals, go bird watching, visit the crocodile breeding centre, etc.

All in all, the Gir National Park is a great idea for a family vacation or a short trip to Gujarat. You will surely have a great time when you actually come here and witness it all by yourself!

How do I plan a trip to Gir Forest?

We recommend you to keep aside at least 2 to 3 days to visit the Gir National Park and experience everything you can. While you are here, make sure to protect their rich flora and fauna and do not litter the place around. You must also make sure that you do not harm the animals in any way.

Gir Lion Safari

The national park advises you to wear simple clothes that do not have reflective textures on them. This will save you from the unwanted attention of the wild animals. Some animals may see reflective textures of you and get scared. This might provoke them to come behind you and harm you.

You should have a bottle of water with you throughout the journey as walking, running and climbing can be exhausting. You must also carry caps and hats to protect yourself from the sun. The national park has strictly prohibited smoking. If you are found smoking in the premises, you will be charged a huge fine.

You are also advised to make all your safari or hotel bookings well in advance to not face any last minute issues at the national park.

Final Thoughts

We hope this Gir national park travel blog has helped you at the most. For anything else you can surely connect with us or you can let us know through the following comment section we shall be happy to help.

To understand more in details about the Gir forest travel tips & tricks you can also watch out the following video from Travel YouTube channel 200JOURNEYS.

Wishing you a Happy Exploring!

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