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Deccan Odyssey Train Ticket Price in Indian Rupees

In this Blog we shall be talking about Deccan Odyssey Train one of the most premium and luxury train in India. Let's understand about the special train Deccan Odyssey Train Ticket Price in Indian Rupees (INR). We discuss everything in details about the route, time table, itinerary, costing and lot more.

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We all have heard about The Palace On Wheels train that is a luxurious train that promotes tourism in the state of Rajasthan. The train was introduced to the people all over the world to promote the tourism of Rajasthan. If you are from Maharashtra and ever wished that you could take a trip on a luxurious train too, we have some good news for you!

deccan odyssey train ticket price in indian rupees

Maharashtra’s Government has introduced a new train called the Deccan Odyssey Train that is based on the model of The Palace On Wheels. The service of this luxurious train began in 2004 whereas the service of The Palace On Wheels started in 1982. Taking all the inspiration from The Palace On Wheels, the Deccan Odyssey commenced its work and decided to provide the best service to all its guests.

The Deccan Odyssey is a train that provides luxurious services and offers a 5 star hotel service to its guests. The train was introduced to increase tourism in the state of Maharashtra and to provide a standard of travelling to the people!

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You might be thinking about taking a trip on the 5 star hotel type of a luxurious train and experiencing royalty that you cannot anywhere else! Let us help you out with all the details that you need to know before getting on board on the Deccan Odyssey train. The Palace On Wheels is more of Rajasthan centric, whereas this train covers regions from all over India.

Deccan Odyssey Train Route Map

The routes that you can choose from to travel on this luxurious train. All the train journeys have different names and different routes. The below mentioned information about the routes has a specific name that can help you while booking your train journey. All the journeys on this train are scheduled to be a trip of 7 nights, 8 days.

1) Indian Odyssey Journey

The Indian Odyssey Journey starts from New Delhi and ends at Mumbai. In between, they cover the areas of Ranthambore, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Vadodara and Ellora Caves.

Anyone getting on this train for the purpose of travelling and exploring India can take the Indian Odyssey Journey as it covers different areas of India and gives you an amazing experience.

2) Indian Sojourn Journey

The Indian Sojourn Journey starts from Mumbai and ends at New Delhi. The train also covers the areas of Vadodara, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Agra, Ranthambore and Jaipur in between the journey. If you want to explore the traditions and cultures of India, the Indian Sojourn Journey is the best option for you.

3) Maharashtra Splendor Journey

Starting from Mumbai and ending at Mumbai, the Maharashtra Splendor Journey covers all the famous parts of Maharashtra including Goa. The train journey includes areas of Nashik, Ellora Ajanta Caves, Kolhapur, Goa and Sindhudurg. Anyone who wants to experience the lifestyle of Maharashtra can take a trip on the Maharashtra Splendor Journey.

4) Jewels Of Deccan Journey

Just like the Maharashtra Splendor Journey, the Jewels Of Deccan Journey starts its trip from Mumbai and ends it at Mumbai too. The areas that are covered in between the journey are Bijapur, Aihole, Pattadakal, Hampi, Hyderabad and Ellora Ajanta Caves.

In the true sense, this train takes you on a journey to witness the hidden gems of India. If you like to know about the history of the country and the remains from the past then this is the best option for you!

5) Hidden Treasures Of Gujarat Journey

The trip of Hidden Treasure Air Gujarat Journey starts from Mumbai and ends at Mumbai too. The places that you get to see in between the journey are Vadodara, Palitana, Sasan Gir, Somnath, Little Rann Of Kutch, Modera, Patan and Nashik. If you are all about Garba and love to know more about the Gujarati traditions then we recommend you to take a trip on this journey!

6) Maharashtra Wild Trail Journey

Starting from Mumbai, this train covers all areas of wildlife and natural beauty. The journey ends at Mumbai too before which you get to see Ellora Caves, Aurangabad, Pench, Tadoba, Ajanta Caves and Nashik. These are all places of rich wildlife filled up with numerous animals that you can witness on this trip.

Deccan Odyssey Train Price

deccan odyssey train booking
Home on Wheels (Img from official website)

The cabins in the train are of two types. One is the Deluxe Cabin and the other is the Presidential Suite. The fare of the Deccan Odyssey Deluxe Cabin for one single person begins from INR 4,95,948 for the trip and the price for two people starts from INR 7,10,493 for the tour.

The cost of the Deccan Odyssey Presidential Suite for one person starts from INR 10,72,727 for the trip and the price for two people starts from INR 10,72,727 for the luxury train trip.

All the tour prices mentioned above are stated without taxes and the taxes will be calculated while booking the trip and making the payment for your tour.

deccan odyssey train inside
Train SPA ROOM (image taken from official website)

Deccan Odyssey Train Facilities

  1. The Deccan Odyssey is a luxurious train and so are all their facilities. The guests are welcomed with 5 star treatments and they make sure that the guests feel the same while leaving.
  2. The train provides 5 star hospitality to all its guests and are welcomed with all luxurious services throughout the journey.
  3. The cabins on the train are all designed in a way that they depict the cultures of the state of Maharashtra. The cabins are well cleaned and are fully air conditioned.
  4. The luxury coaches include four guest cabins that are spacious and big in size and consist of all modern amenities.
  5. They also provide total care and comfort for all the specially abled guests by providing them whatever they need, wherever they need it.
  6. The guests can also use their luxury spa and relax whenever they want to. The spa therapists are soft spoken and make everyone feel at home.
  7. Food is the main thing that a person looks for when on a trip. The Deccan Odyssey staff makes sure that they serve the best food dishes in both their gourmet restaurants.
  8. You can also enjoy a few drinks at their well stocked bars and you will find literally all the drinks that you are searching for on this home on wheels.
  9. People who are travelling for business needs can ask for special arrangements of a conference car that is equipped with modern technologies and facilities.
  10. They also have various other facilities such as Games & Entertainment, Internet Connection, Smoking Sections, Doctor Facilities, Souvenir Shops, Wheelchair Accessibility, Security, Attendant, Newspaper And Magazines, A Welcome Kit That Includes A Fine Wine, Hygienic And Clean Bathrooms, etc.
  11. You can also host your events on this train like a birthday party or your marriage ceremony by taking permission of the authorities.

Deccan Odyssey Tour Dates

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the tour of the luxurious train The Deccan Odyssey has been terminated as of now. The services will be resumed once the situation are better and we recommend you to make your bookings for the trip as soon as the vaccine is out and the services are resumed.

Taking a trip on this luxurious train in India is going to be a once in a lifetime experience and we assure you that you wouldn’t want to miss something like this! You can check out the official page of the Deccan Odyssey to know more about upcoming Deccan Odyssey train time table.

Boarding Stations

Even though the journey on this train takes you to several different tourist destinations, the boarding stations are only in two cities. They are Mumbai and New Delhi. Most of the tour packages start from Mumbai and end in Mumbai.

Whereas one package starts from New Delhi and ends in Mumbai and another one starts in Mumbai and ends in New Delhi. If you ever plan to take a trip on this train, you can board the train from Mumbai or from New Delhi according to your needs and convenience.

Rajdhani First Class AC Coach Journey

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Final Thoughts

If you are the kind of person who can compromise on the activities but not the stay, if you are the person who can compromise on the place but not travelling, then we assure you that taking a trip on the Deccan Odyssey will be the best decision of your life. You wouldn’t have to compromise on the activities and the place either. Living the royal life is everyone’s dream.

The Deccan Odyssey Train inside
Peshwa II Dining Car

The Deccan Odyssey helps you to achieve that dream and go on a vacation of your dreams that will give you the experience of royalty that you cannot find anywhere else. What can be a better option to spend your holidays with your family by taking a luxurious train trip to some of the best places of India and experiencing something so unique yet so royal?

There wouldn’t be anything else you’d rather do than take a trip on this luxurious train once it resumes its services again and we assure that you will not regret your decision!

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