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Best Things to do in Dubai, Top 10 Places to See in Dubai

Checkout this Top 10 best things to do in Dubai. In this Dubai Travel Guide we have listed Best Places to see In Dubai whenever you are travelling to UAE with family or friends. There are many places to visit in Dubai but we have shortlisted activities for you to make your work easier.

Best Things to do in Dubai

Who is not familiar with the most beautiful place in the world, Dubai? The place that is known for its rich culture, heritage, its luxurious shopping, the architecture and many other things like these. Who wouldn’t want to go to Dubai for having the best times of their life?

Let us help you out with the places you can visit in Dubai and the things you can do there!

1. Skydive Dubai

SkyDive Dubai

The most exciting and the best part about a Dubai trip is skydiving in Dubai. Skydiving is said to be the heart and soul of the tourism of Dubai. It is one of the best skydiving that happens in the world. With the adventure, the experience is one of a lifetime.

They have 2 different types of skydiving that is the gyrocopter flight skydiving and the tandem skydiving. If you ever visit Dubai, make sure that skydiving is on the top of your list. The costing is around $700 per person for one jump. You can book it online as well in advance.

2. Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame

The most popular tourist spot in Dubai is the Dubai Frame. The Dubai Frame is a landmark in the Zabeel Park and is said to be the biggest picture frame on the planet. The frame is made in a way where people who visit the frame can see the new landmarks of Dubai on one side and the older parts of Dubai on the other side. Do apply our Dubai Frame coupon code before booking tickets online through Klook.

As the frame is made out of glass, the most important parts of Dubai can be seen from this frame. The entry to the frame is possible after buying a ticket that starts from AED 49.

3. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa also known as the tallest tower in the world is the most famous tourist spot in Dubai. No matter if a person has visited Dubai or not, they have always dreamt of being on the top of the Burj Khalifa building.

The best view of Dubai can be seen from Burj Khalifa and it will never fail to give you a royal experience. A trip to Dubai without visiting the Burj Khalifa is always an incomplete one! You can buy your tickets online to visit the Burj Khalifa that starts from AED 20.

4. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is located on the Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. The Ferrari World is an amusement park and is famous all over the world for its theme and the rides. The theme of the park is Ferrari and the fastest roller coaster in the world operates in the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

Checkout this complete video of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Tour

The cost of the ticket for a single day visit is AED 230 for kids and AED 295 for adults. The adventure park is known to be the largest park in the world with an area of 86,000 sq m.

5. Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari

Another attraction of Dubai that is showcased in a lot of movies and songs is the Desert Safari of Dubai. A tourist spot that is loved by people who are always up for adventures and uncomfortable situations.

The slots of the Safari are Morning Desert Safari, Evening Desert Safari, Dinner Only Desert Safari and an Overnight Desert Safari. All packages include different activities. The rates of the packages start from AED 30.

6. Dubai Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

Dubai Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

The Dubai Atlantis AquaVenture Waterpark is the largest aquarium in Dubai and is home to more than 65,000 marine animals. It is the most beautiful tourist spot for people who love nature and the animals. The aqua venture Waterpark has over 30 slides and other attractions.

The various packages of the aqua venture waterpark are 1 day super pass wherein you can visit the aquarium as well as the waterpark and the rate starts from AED 149, the other package is a season pass wherein you can visit both the places for either limited or unlimited times for 90 days and the rate starts from AED 299.

The other one is an annual pass where you can enjoy the aqua venture waterpark and the aquarium for 365 days at the cost of AED 495. The last package is a 1 day only waterpark package that starts from AED 129.

7. Dubai Helicopter Tour

Dubai Helicopter Tour

There are various companies in Dubai that rent out helicopters to customers who want to take a helicopter ride to see the city. Taking a helicopter ride to see Dubai is one of the few luxuries that very few people get to witness.

The aerial view of Dubai that can be seen from the helicopter is a view to die for. You can witness the royal architecture of Dubai, the tours at spots and everything that Dubai is known for from the helicopter ride. If you ever feel that you want to see the entire Dubai in a short period of time, taking a helicopter ride can be a good option. The packages start from AED 455 per person.

8. IMG World Of Adventure

IMG World Of Adventure

The IMG Worlds Of Adventure is the largest indoor theme park of Dubai. The theme park is divided into 5 epic zones, 2 out of them being the world’s biggest global brands. They are Cartoon Network and Marvel.

The original concepts of the IMG Worlds of Adventure are IMG Boulevard and The Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure. The last zone of the IMG World of Adventures is Novi Cinema. The adventure park welcomes more than 20,000 guests every day. The price of the ticket starts from AED 158 per person.

9. iFly Dubai

iFly Dubai

Who wouldn’t like to get an experience where they can feel that they are flying because of their invisible wings? The next on the list is iFly Dubai where you can experience indoor skydiving.

You can fly in the air with the help of a very huge fan that is placed under your legs due to the technology available nowadays. The iFly Dubai tickets price starts from AED 220 per person.

10. Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise

Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise

You can experience the night life of Dubai by taking a trip on the Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise and we can assure you that it will be the best thing that you can ever do for yourself! The Dubai Marina Cruise is located in the heart of New Dubai. Just having your drink sitting by the edge of the cruise will give you a travel experience of a lifetime.

You can enjoy a various activities that happen on the cruise but the best thing you can witness is the Egyptian Performance that is known as the Tanoura Dance. You can also witness the richness of Arabic food and drinks that they have to offer. The price of the entry ticket starts from AED 87.


Doesn’t Dubai feel like just the best city to visit for a perfect vacation? Don’t all the tourist attractions make you want to visit Dubai for your next getaway? If you plan a trip of a lifetime to Dubai, do visit the places mentioned above and have the best experience ever!

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