Buy Ramayana Water Park Pattaya Cheap Tickets online with our Discount Code. Learn How to get to Ramayana water park & Explore the best waterpark in Pattaya. In this Pattaya Thailand Travel Blog we understand, Why should you visit Ramayana WaterPark on your Pattaya trip?

Ramayana Water Park is one of the most amazing places to visit in Pattaya. This water park is full of exciting things which you can easily enjoy getting rid of summer heat. Awesome water rides, pools, kids zones, activity pools, and lots of other things are there which can offer you a great experience inside.

Ramayana Water Park Pattaya

Along with this, the green hills all around the waterpark, you will be able to explore numerous excellent things here. Reaching here is pretty easy from any location of Bangkok. So, what are you waiting for, make your Ramayana water park booking today and experience thrilling waterpark rides with your loved ones?

Ramayana Water Park Pattaya Ticket Cost

The Pattaya water park entrance fee is around 1,190 ฿ for adult whose height is 122 cm+ and for child whose height is between 91 &121 cm the ticket price is 890 ฿. Plus the Infant (below 90cm) it's FREE. Standard Locker cost is 120 ฿. Food, Towels & stuff isn't included in the tickets. Book right away!
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Ramayana Water Park opening times are 11AM to 6PM. Currently it's functional on Friday, Sat & Sunday. On the day of your visit pls confirm whether the waterpark is open or not.

Ramayana Water Park Rides

The park is full of mesmerizing water rides and slides, which will give you a great experience for sure. The rides are designed in an excellent way so that you can enjoy them in a safe manner.

Mat racer, Aqua play, spiral, river slide, Boomerango, Python, and various other rides are there in this park. Due to this, your kids can also have great fun inside this park. Along with this, you have lots of varieties to choose from and spend your time effectively.

Best things to do in Ramayana Water Park

Enjoy amazing food dishes and drinks in the relaxing pools inside this waterpark. You will be able to book your own tables in these parks and have great fun with your friends.

You get a chance to dip your legs inside the water while enjoying snacks or any other food item. This becomes another amazing experience to enjoy in this water park effectively.

The activity pool is great to spend your time while playing different games such as volleyball and a lot more. Also, it is the area of the park where you can also get swimming classes from the experts. You can also play handball inside the pools.

Due to these amazing activities, these pools become a kid’s favorite. So, when it comes to enjoying this park along with your loved ones, you can easily book an activity pool for you.

Enjoy river walk. Along with amazing water activities, you can spend your free time while wandering along with the banks of the river. You will be able to see excellent things along with tropical rainforest near to this park.

Also, you will be able to capture photographs here and enjoy bird-watching. Get a chance to enjoy fresh fruits and fruit juices. Also, you can visit the floating market store to buy various other things for you.

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Double Wave pool. It is another amazing thing to enjoy at this water park. This extensive pool contains double waves, which will give you an experience just like the sea. These waves are enough to gently rock your air tubes while you are resting on them.

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This becomes a great activity to have a comfortable experience inside the water along with your friends. This side of the park is mostly full, but you will surely be able to have great fun.

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