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Phuket Bird Park Ticket Price, Show Time

Learn how much is the Phuket Bird Park Ticket Price and what are the show timings which you should not miss when you are visiting Phuket city. Phuket Bird Park is one of the fun things to do in Phuket. It's a miraculous place for nature lovers in Phuket.

Phuket is known for its excellent offerings for tourists. This city is full of adventurous locations, which are enough to make your visit successful. You will be able to enjoy various things while visiting this park.

phuket bird park

But, if you are a nature and adventure lover, you shouldn’t leave a chance to visit Phuket Bird Park. Also, it is a great family place where your kids will also enjoy it. So, let’s know some more about this excellent location.

Phuket Bird

Because of its extensive area and a soothing atmosphere, this location is home to thousands of Thousands of different bird species. You will be able to see different birds from Asia, South America, and Africa regions.

There is also very famous water park in Phuket which is Splash Jungle Waterpark you must explore this tourist destination if you are visiting Thailand with Kids.

So, once you enter this Phuket bird park, you are surely going to receive an excellent atmosphere. This is the reason why this bird park is so much popular in the city.

Phuket Bird Park Ticket Cost

The Phuket Bird Park entrance fee is around 351 Thai Baht or 11 USD. The entry fee doesn't include food. Tickets can booked online at cheaper price. Get Discount on booking tickets with Klook.

Book your Bird park tickets online today and experience one of the best things to do in Phuket. We suggest you must include this spot in your Phuket itinerary. You can also avail Private Transfers around Phuket Tourist Destinations. Explore things with the best comfort.

Phuket Bird Park Show Time

The Phuket Bird Park Opening Hours are from 9AM to 5PM daily. Do note that Last entry is taken at 3PM. Phuket Bird Park Show Time are 10:30AM, 1:30PM and last show is scheduled at 3:30PM. You can enter this tourist attraction directly with the ticket or voucher mailed to you.

This bird park regularly organizes different bird shows where various species of birds perform to entertain people. You will see eagles, macaws, hornbills, and various other parrots at these shows.

These events are specially organized to let people know more about them and actually start loving them. This is a genuine step taken by this Phuket park to keep lots of bird species protected by letting people know about them.

Photography and Bird feeding

This bird park allows visitors to enjoy bird photography and feeding them. Most of the bird parks don’t allow this thing. But, because of its well-organized services, you will be able to have fun while doing these activities.

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This Bird Park is an excellent place to enjoy a lot with your camera while clicking some interesting photos with your family and loved ones. Also, if you love feeding birds, you can do this too. These distinctive offerings make this bird park popular all over the world.

Phuket Shopping Places

The park also has a souvenir where lots of things could be found to purchase. You can buy various types of bird park products such as hats, mugs, caps, shirts, magnets, postcards, etc. This will be a great idea to purchase an amazing gift for someone.

It will be good if you buy an exciting thing and then pack it to present to someone on their special days. So, a bird park product will definitely be a unique and exciting thing for this.


For Best Phuket accommodation do checkout these Best Hotels in Phuket. You will be able to see different unseen bird species at this Phuket Bird Park. So, make sure to have a good time here with your family or friends and have fun. We would be seeking Phuket Bird Park reviews from you.

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