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Shanghai Disneyland Tickets

What Is Shanghai Disneyland Park?

Shanghai Disneyland Park is the first Disney theme park that has been opened in China. China shanghai Disneyland blends with the beautiful Disney with featuring all kinds of cultural aspects of the country.

The Shanghai Disneyland Park allows the people to easily embark on their magical journey across various kinds of theme lands that are filled with spectacular entertainment, world-class attractions, and much more. Find discounted attraction tickets for your tours at Klook.

Why you should visit Shanghai Disneyland Park?

Shanghai Disneyland Park adheres to the essence of the traditional "Disneyland" theme park that mainly attracts most of the people across the world. This marvelous looking theme park mainly boasts with the variations and innovations.

China Shanghai Disneyland covers thousands of activities filled with fun and entertainment on the whole. It is quite an entertainment for both the young and the old alike and gives much more fun than you could ever imagine.

China shanghai Disneyland becomes easy to choose to get your desired experiences in your favorite games. Below are some of the most important spots that you must not miss to visit this Disney Theme Park in China. To get the unique experiences, and more, checkout the most amazing tickets at Klook!

Shanghai Disneyland attractions

  • Mickey Avenue – The Mickey Avenue is at the main entrance of the Disney Parks, and it has the Mickey Mouse themes
  • Enchanted Storybook Castle – Visit this most significant and tallest castle in the Disney Park filled with the all kinds of Disney princesses and exciting fun
  • Gardens Of Imagination – Disney park has the garden designed for relaxing yourself admits the great beauty
  • Treasure Cove – Checkout the most thrilling pirate-themed land in this China shanghai Disneyland
  • Fantasia-Inspired Carousel – This carousel features a greater number of music as well as the mythical creatures from the Fantasia, a Disney film
  • Parade Route – Go in the routes of the Disney park parade route that has been filled with the most awesome Disney characters

Important Highlights of China Shanghai Disneyland

The Disneyland Park is one of the awesome looking theme parks that give you quite a lot of fun that you could have ever imagined. Join the most amazing local day tours at Klook to visit this spectacular sights. Shanghai Disneyland Park mainly contains the different theme lands that include
  1. Mickey Avenue
  2. Gardens of Imagination
  3. Adventure Isle
  4. Treasure Cove
  5. Fantasyland
  6. Tomorrowland

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Shanghai Disneyland opening hours

Shanghai Disneyland opens every day from 9am to 8PM. Whenever you are visiting, please do collect the latest Times Guide at Guest Services for more information on shows, Entertainment, Events.

Most of the people visiting China Shanghai Disneyland travel with their kids. It is quite enjoyable to enter a Disney theme park with the family and kids. Don’t miss this attraction in China shanghai Disneyland
  1. Fantasyland: Enchanted Storybook Castle
  2. Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  3. Peter Pan’s Flight
  4. ” Once Upon a Time” Adventure
  5. Hunny Pot Spin
  6. Fantasia Carousel
  7. Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue
  8. Stitch Encounter

How to reach Disneyland Park Shanghai?

China Shanghai Disneyland World is one of the essential spots in Shanghai International Tourism that everyone likes to enjoy their vacation. Shanghai Disneyland is at the Chuansha New Town, Pudong New Area, and located at 21 kilometers east from the center of Shanghai.

The China Shanghai Disneyland is also at the 30 kilometers east from the Hongqiao transport hub and 12 kilometers west from Pudong International Airport. Klook is one the top and world leading travel activities and booking platform for you.

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