Are you looking for an amazing place to visit in London, along with your kids and loved ones? Legoland London Windsor Resort is an amazing theme park full of attractive and adventurous things.

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Legoland Windsor Resort London

The park has a total number of 55 attractions in which three roller coasters and 6 water rides are there. Along with this, the park is full of various other things that are most suited for your kids aged between 3 to 12 years.

The park spans across its 150 acres area where lots of enjoyable things can easily be experiences. Driving school, shopping locations, and other attractions are there, which will surely let your kids enjoy a lot.

Legoland Windsor Resort ticket prices

One day Legoland London tickets will cost you £29 or $37. Children who are 2 years and below can enter the park for free. Food & Drinks are not included in this package.

Opening Hours :

Officially it's open daily from 10AM to 5PM daily but pls kindly check the website once for any changes on your day if visit. Do remember to apply our legoland voucher code.

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You can enjoy more than 55 rides at Legoland. You can also book tickets online for this resort through GetyourGuide.

Legoland Windsor Resort Rides

It will be very best if you get 1 day admission to Legoland along for which you will be charged some amounts per person. So, here are the best places to enjoy along with your kids at this amazing location.

1. Duplo Dine Coaster

This small coaster ride is most suitable for the kids between the age of 3 to 5 years. The ride is dinosaur themed and great for the kids having a height of more than 0.9 meters. It is one of the best activities which your growing kids would surely enjoy at this excellent park.

2. Haunted House Monster Party

This amazing monster house party welcomes great for full-family party activities. So, enjoy a party with Lord Vampyre’s haunted house. The activity is great for family fun, along with your small kids. It is located at LEGO city and welcomes you to have fun with Lord Vampyre, spiderlady, and monster Scientist.

3. LEGO City Driving School

No height restrictions are there and the kids between the age of 6 to 13 years. Available in LEGO city, the kids get a chance to enjoy rides in their own electric cars. It’s an amazing activity for the kids above ten years. So, take them to this driving school and watch them driving colorful cars which are specially designed for them.

4. The Dragon

The Dragon is another exciting ride inside the Legoland Windsor Park, where you can enjoy dragon rides with your kids. The dragons will take you through thrilling locations where you will see animal LEGO models of different things. Huge red dragons and great treetops are designed to ensure the maximum fun while going through the way.


In the LEGO NINJAGO World, you and your kids can enjoy 4D interactive rides and go through the wind, ice, and fire battles.

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So, test your ninja skills by experience the immersive 4 D experience with your loved ones at this location. No minimum height restriction is there. However, the place is open only for the kids between 6 to 13 years.

6. Miniland

Miniland is an excellent place featuring various models from all over the world, with over 40 million LEGO bricks.

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You can see the Taj Mahal, Sydney Opera House, Times Square, and various other world-popular things modeled using the LEGO bricks. Make sure to visit the whole area with your kids. Also, do not forget to look for surprise gifts at each step.

7. Duplo Airport

As the name suggests, you and your kids will get a chance to fly your own planes at Duplo Airport. These amazing locations are great to enjoy amazing rides that you can control with your kids. Two people can ride along, but for a single ride, you must have a minimum height of 1.3m.

The Duplo Airport is located in Duplo Valley, and it is open always to let people enjoy with its immersive atmosphere.

8. Lego Studios 4D

At Lego Studios 4D, you and your kids get a chance to enjoy immersive 4D shows. The shows keep running every day so you can come at any time and watch any show along with your kids. Officer of Pursuit, A New Dimension, and Master of the 4th dimensions are some of the popular shows which you can enjoy here.

These amazing locations are full of charm and fun when you come here with your small kids. You get 4D glasses, and that’s it. You are ready to experience amazing shows at LEGO Studios 4D.

9. Splash Safari

Splash Safari is another great water sports location where your kids can enjoy swimming and various other activities. But, make sure that you go along with your kids if they are under 6 years. Lots of fun activities can be enjoyed here, and everything will be full of water and enjoyment.

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Different friends, including tigers, elephants, and giraffes, will also be there to make everything fun-filled. Splash Safari is located in Diplo Valley. So, do not forget to visit this amazing water sports locations along with your kids.

10. Model Making Studio

If your kids love LEGO models, then this place is best for them. They will get access to lots of LEGO bricks and different models made by the experts. It is like a LEGO model gallery, and it will surely fascinate the people who love them.

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From small to huge LEGO models, your kids will see lots of amazing models that will surely inspire them to create their own too. No minimum height restriction is there, and the kids of any age can enter this amazing location. However, it is best for LEGO fans.

11. Fairy Tale Brook

Fairy Tale Brook is situated in the Duplo Valley, and it is an amazing place that your kids will surely love. You will get a chance to sit inside a boat, which will take yours through an interesting park full of LEGO models. Each friend will tell its own story, and your kids would definitely love watching them.

12. Duplo Express

Explore amazing locations of Duplo valley by riding in Duplo Express along with your friends and family. The ride will take you through several colorful locations, which will definitely be a new experience for your kids.

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Puppet shows can also be seen by just sitting on your seats. So, do not leave a chance to take your kids to Duplo Express, too, when you are at Legoland Windsor Resort London.

If there is anything else do drop us a comment below or connect with us through social media. We wish you a Happy Journey!