Get Cheap Louvre Paris Tickets. Learn about Louvre museum hours, entrance fees, artworks, Mona Lisa, Painting, timings, virtual tour and lot more in this Travel guest post.

Brittany Koro who runs a YouTube channel Britt Eats visited this amazing place Louvre and following is her detailed experience which will tell you about things to know before visiting Louvre.

Louvre Museum Paris

Come join us on our tour through the Louvre Museum in Paris, France! I would definitely buy tickets online prior to arrival. Be careful because there are people that sell expired and counterfeit tickets outside.

Talking about Louvre museum timings - We did our research and found that the Louvre is always closed on Tuesday so make sure that you plan your itinerary accordingly.

Check what days and hours the Louvre is open prior to visiting so that you don’t waste a trip there. Try to go early in the morning as the Louvre is usually very crowded because it is such a popular tourist destination; especially if you want to see the Mona Lisa.

Grab a map in one of the many languages available or you will be totally lost once you enter! Make sure that you make a list prior to visiting the Louvre of what you truly want to see: otherwise it may get very overwhelming due to all of the detail in the Louvre and you will not see everything that you came to see.

Make sure that you use the bathroom before you start your tour because they are not available everywhere.

Louvre Museum Paris ticket price

Tickets which is bought online: €17
You can get entry to the museum in approx 30 minutes

Tickets which is bought at the spot at museum: €15
Kindly note that tickets purchased at museum are valid only for the given service, date and time.

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There’s a language translating device available for your ticket purchase at the entrance. Make sure that you plan your clothing according to the season that you are visiting Paris. We visited in May and it was steaming hot in the Louvre but cold in the evening.

There are several levels to the Louvre Museum and it can get very confusing so your map will be your best friend. If we did it over again, we would either do a personal tour or rent a Nintendo 3DS (definitely worth it) that provides an interactive walking tour!

We started at the Greek statues as we worked our way to Napoleon’s Apartment (more like mansion). Then we headed to the Mona Lisa before getting lost in this maze called the Louvre!

Once we made it to the Mona Lisa, it was packed full of people and we made it all the way up to the rope in front of the painting.

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We were very surprised at how small the portrait actually is but she sure does watch you from every angle. Everyone was pressing against us from every angle to get a good shot of the painting.

If it is too crowded, take a step back and admire all of the artwork from the Renaissance around as every corner has so much culture that is almost like stepping into a time machine going back hundreds of years.

Inside Louvre Museum

Then we ventured off to the see the Crown Jewels. Once we made it to the area that the Crown Jewels resided, they told us that we would have to go all the way across the Louvre to the other side.

We made it through the maze of a museum and once we arrived, we found that the Crown Jewels was not being displayed at this time. It was unfortunate but we worked our way over to see the Winged Victory of Samothrace and the surrounding statues.

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It was a bit steamy and warm in the statue area but it was a magnificent feat to see. There were a couple of artists drawing their own illustrations of different statues in the area. The Greek antiquities and all of the statues were so detailed that it was amazing.

The Veiled Lady was magnificent to see with the detail given to the statue that truly brought it to life.

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The veil over her face etched in stone looked so amazing that it is unbelievable that artists were so advanced for the century that it was created. There is so much to see that there is almost no way that you can see everything in one visit.

Checkout the following The Louvre Tour Vlog!

We were at the Louvre for a few hours before we had to leave and get to other engagements that we had planned. If you spent a minute looking at each piece of art in the Louvre, it would take you almost three months to see everything!

We would definitely love to come back and see the Crown Jewels that we missed out on, the Law Code of Hammurabi, the Human-Headed Bulls and Tutankhamen and all of the Egyptian antiquities that we didn’t get to visit this time around.

Take our advice and plan very well ahead and don’t try to wing it. We did a great job for the time that we had there but we still believe that spending the entire day at the Louvre with a guided tour is the way to go.

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Happy Travelling!