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NestAway first time Coupon code | Promo Code and Discounts

Nestaway.com offers houses without brokers on rent, which is only one among many seemingly cool things - sensible deposit amounts, fair monthly rent, basic utilities (water, electricity, etc.) amenities (WiFi, housekeeping, etc.) and most of all Homes that don’t Discriminate.

We offer exclusively NestAway first time Coupon code and latest NestAway Promo Code and Discounts.

The properties are good, spacious and you have everything you need to start your life in a new city/place. Furnishing is the best part TV, washing machine, fridge, utensils, gas, wifi etc.

NestAway first time Coupon code

Single room might be costly from nestaway though. Look for a gated community apartment than an independent house, you would get much more luxury in same budget .

You get mostly all the furniture you would need in a house. Sofa,TV with DTH Connection, Washing Machine,Fridge, Dining Table, WiFi Setup, Kitchen cutlery, Gas.

Basically a complete setup for a house. Note just the setup. Maintenance of all these is tenants responsibility including paying all bills (dth, WiFi, EB, water, gas etc).

Nestaway coupon code is DOLES3727. Use the referral code DOLES3727 and save money on rent:

nestaway coupon code

How to apply this Promo Code :
  • Go to Nestaway's website
  • You will get the option to sign up
  • Use the above mentioned code in Referral Code option.
  • You will get 1000 credits after you finish your 30 days of stay in the house.
  • That's it! Why pay the entire amount when you can save few bucks?
  • Many have used this code while signing up and it works even today.

You can say like Nestaway takes RENT for using the house and everything else in it. 2 months deposit and 6 months lock in (wanna vacate before 6 months then pay a month's rent as penalty)

Just come with your personal belongings and start living. It is good for bachelor's in Bangalore or the best for complete newbie in Bangalore, no second thought according to me.

Here are some benefits of Nestaway as per our records-

  • Don't have to buy washing machine, refrigerator, iron, bathroom utilities, bed, cupboard, utensils - you get everything!
  • The app has a very cool nesties community. You can join groups basis your interests.
  • You don't have to talk to carpenter, electrician, plumber for knickknacks. Call nestaway, and they will arrange it all at a time you want.
  • No interference from landlord.

With NestAway there is :

No Brokerage: You can schedule a visit from the official website and the Area manager will contact you and show you the flats available in your desired area.

Online payments: From the token amount to monthly rentals, everything is online, so you don’t need to go anywhere, just sit comfortably on the sofa and pay the rent.

Now NestAway's pros are :
  1. Less congestion as only 5–6 people are living. More space for party.
  2. Less security deposit (only 2 months).
  3. Gated communities.
  4. Fully furnished home.You can say even extra furnished by owner.
  5. All amenities of the apartment. This depends upon home to home.
  6. Parking space for your vehicles.
  7. All services managed online. No personal intervention of owner in lives.
  8. A online community network of professionals, which is a game changer.
  9. Safety and security team of NestAway is also there in case of any emergency to help us out.
Whatever your budget is, whatever you call home (a bed, a room or an entire house), NestAway have something special to offer. What are you waiting for go ahead use the coupon code and enjoy your stay. Check Booking.com first time coupon code.

For anything else do let us know by commenting below.

Happy Savings!

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