Google offers only 20% discount on basic and business plans. In this article you will learn how to get 20% OFF G Suite Promo Codes for Flexible & Annual Plan for different countries. 

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You might receive a promotion code from a Google partner that gives you a discount price on a Google service subscription. If you have a promotion code, enter it when you select your billing planStart G Suite Free Trial with these 20% OFF Promotion Codes

We provide G Suite promo code to our referrals/clients, providing them with 20% off per user for the first year as a G Suite customer. Each coupon code is unique and can only be redeemed by one customer from the country you signed up in. 

G Suite business promo codes are available for the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Belgium, Argentina, France, New Zealand, Portugal, Italy, Belgium and Ireland.

Visit this page to get valid G Suite Discount, G Suite Promo Code within seconds.  Due to the regulation from Google the coupons are not publicly distributed. 

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Some important points to keep in mind while using G Suite coupons:
  • Discount will be showing only after completing the billing setup at G Suite website.
  • There are no discounts available on G Suite enterprise plan, you should but it at rack rate of $25 per month per user.
  • Only select 21 countries are having promotional codes
  • Business plan promo codes are not available for India, Brazil, Columbia and Mexico
  • Deep discounted pricing is available only for India, on deep discount pricing you can apply 20% promotional code.
  • G Suite trial is only for 14 days.
  • Coupon codes can’t be applied on renewal of accounts.
  • G Suite promo codes doesn’t work on upgrades like when you are upgrading from basic plan to business plan.
  • These promotion codes are not for other Google products like Adwords, play store and Shopping.
  • They work only in respective currencies shown while setting up your billing based on your location, for example if you are in UAE and want to select Euro billing, it won’t work, you need to transact only in USD.
  • These coupons are not application for add-on purchases like drive space, vault etc.

G Suite offers two billing plans. 

1) Flexible Plan : You’re billed monthly for each user account. You can add and remove accounts at any time and pay only for the accounts you use during that month. You can cancel service at any time without penalty.

When you select the Flexible Plan, you’re billed monthly for the number of user accounts you have that month. In U.S. dollars, for example, the standard billing rates are:
Google sometimes offers special discount pricing for Flexible Plan customers. The Flexible Plan is recommended for organizations with a variable workforce.

2) Annual Plan : You commit to purchasing the service for a full year. If your team grows, you can purchase more licenses and your monthly rate goes up. You can reduce licenses or monthly payments only when renewing your plan at the end of the year. If you cancel your subscription before the year is up, you still pay for the full year. 

Recommended for: Organizations with a constant or growing workforce.

Standard prices are shown. Google occasionally offers special discounts to some customers for both the Flexible and Annual Plan.

G Suite Promo Codes for Flexible & Annual Plan

Payment options for your Google service

Enter your code during billing setup :
  • When you set up billing for G Suite or Cloud Identity Premium, select your billing plan, then click Promotion code.
  • Enter the code to see the terms of your promotion.
  • Click Continue to see a summary of your order.
  • Complete the steps to finish setting up billing.
  • Some promotion codes might restrict the number of user licenses or accounts you can purchase, or require a minimum monthly bill amount. If your order doesn’t meet the terms of the promotion, a message will let you know
  • Important: To receive your discount, be sure to enter your promotion code now. You can’t enter it later.
  • Your order summary doesn’t show your discounted amount. But it does show the promotion code, the terms of the promotion, and a note that the promotion will be applied to the order amount later (along with any applicable taxes).
How to See the discount in your transactions : 

When your order is complete and your paid service begins, go to your billing account’s transactions to see the discount being applied:

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.
  2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Billing.
  3. Next to your subscription, click Actions and then Access billing account.
  4. Under Transactions, click View Transactions and Documents.

Can I switch billing plans later?
Annual to Flexible Plan
  • During your free trial
  • When it’s time to renew your subscription
Flexible to Annual Plan
  • During your free trial
  • After your trial expires

You can switch from the Annual to the Flexible Plan:
Annual Plan availability depends on your subscription and how you signed up for your service. For details, see Annual Plan.
If the Annual Plan is available for you, you can switch to it from the Flexible Plan:
For details, see Switch billing plans.