Before today, the new document would belong to the first Google Account currently signed into your browser. That is designated the “default,” with the account order visible by clicking the profile avatar in the top-right corner of any Google service.

You can now quickly switch from working on your freelance project to completing your work action items with this .new update →

Last year, Google introduced an extremely convenient way to create blank Docs, Sheets, and Slides with the .new domain.

The Google shortcut now supports quick file creation in your other signed-in accounts, including your work or school G Suite.

Entering into your address bar will open a blank Google Doc, with,,, and also working to open the corresponding G Suite apps.

A number can now be appended to the shortcut to switch document ownership to another account. For example, if I first logged into Gmail, would create the file in my personal account.

You can be signed in to multiple Google accounts and the appended number shortcut will still function. Google imagines that this will be a highly useful trick to move between personal, school, and work accounts.

Google’s updated shortcut is live today, with and interchangeable if you want to start a file in your default account.

More Shortcuts will be shared soon.